Adult class/evening class

Monday to Friday

The theoretical and teaching programs are the same as those for the professional and advanced classes. The academy’s ballet classes are for all those who would like to pursue their technical and artistic development in their discipline, or discover or, (after a long break), rediscover Classical or Contemporary dance.

Evening and adult classes are also for those who want to benefit from the physical training benefits of dance, whether it be in terms of strength, flexibility, coordination, fluidity of movement, body balance or posture.


Classical and contemporary dance classes for adults allow dancers the time to learn the basic techniques so that they can combine them with their own artistic expression. The basics are taught in a harmonious order and with particular attention to correct positioning in order to avoid the risk of injury. In this respect, the barre, Pilates and PBT classes are excellent complements to develop the strength and flexibility necessary for the progression of the classical and contemporary dancer.