Program A

This program provides students with high-quality education, both academically and artistically, that enables them to continue their dance training in the Academy’s  Cursus B or Junior Company with a professional goal and/or to pursue advanced academic studies.

This program is a fundamental cycle for students from 6th to 9th grade. The learning of classical and contemporary disciplines provides the students with the essential, solid bases.

A close partnership with an academic group in Toulouse enables students to combine their studies with their technical and artistic development. Weekly dance practice is about 16 hours. The establishment makes sure that these possibilities can be offered to their students. Dancers with no academic problems are in Class A.  Students in this cursus may be day students or boarders (lunch is at the school restaurant).

A private ACM shuttle bus provides transportation between the school and the academy.

Based on the following non-exhaustive list, the ACM defines teaching content to best serve the student’s project: Average number of hours per week of artistic tuition (excluding schooling).

  • Classical dance (en pointe): 10 hours
  • Contemporary dance: 1.30 hours
  • Character dance: 1.30 hours
  • Physical preparation +PBT: 3 hours

The ACM has the possibility of integrating into this program students who do not have the required level to join the class that corresponds to their age but who have the physical and technical aptitudes to achieve this goal with the appropriate teaching program. In this case, the students are admitted into “integration” in the lower level with the aim of bringing them up to the level required so that they can join the traditional cursus as soon as possible.