E.A.T (Technical Aptitude Examination)

The Academy offers the possibility of preparing the technical aptitude exam for the dance Teacher’s State Diploma in Cursus B or the Junior Company. Two options are available: classical and contemporary.

The registration forms can be obtained from the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs at the candidate’s place of residence.

YearPass rate
2022100 %
2021100 %
2020100 %
2019100 %

Theory Credits

The dance Teacher’s State Diploma is made up of 3 theory credits.

  • 1st year: Theory Credits’ breakdown (360 hours)
CreditsHours per credit
Anatomy/Physiology80 heures
History of dance80 heures
Music120 heures
«Teaching skills/class observation»80 heures

Throughout the preparation, daily technical classes enable the State Diploma students to keep up and intensify their dance practice.

Teaching Skills Credits

After obtaining the theory credits, the second year is devoted to the preparation of the teaching skills credit.

  • 2nd year: Teaching Skills Credits’ breakdown (800 hours)
CreditsHours per credit
Teaching skills250 heures
Teaching skills introduction170 heures
Movement analysis180 heures
Technical lessons200 heures