Professional training

The Academy offers 4 professional training courses : two courses dedicated for 11/ 17- year olds (Cursus A and Cursus B), an advanced level (Junior Company) and a preparation for the State Diploma (D.E.).

Dance-study program

The objective of Cursus A and B is to provide a foundation course via the acquisition of the classical technique, an introduction to classical and contemporary repertoires, an in-depth physical preparation and initial on-stage experiences. These “Dance-Study” programs allow students to combine a general education with a complete artistic training.

Junior Company

The main objective of Junior Company is professional integration with an emphasis on the international scene.
In order to achieve this objective, the program has close and ongoing ties with the professional world, not only in the region but on a national and international scale.
The aim is to broaden the dancer-performer’s training by developing his or her personal, artistic profile through the mastery of classical and contemporary techniques and artistic and professional scenarios.

Preparation for the State Diploma (D.E.)

The dance Teacher’s State Diploma is mandatory for teaching classical, contemporary and jazz. The aim of this diploma is to train future dance teachers. Students acquire the fundamental knowledge that is necessary for artistic autonomy. In order to take the dance Teacher’s State Diploma, the Academy offers students the possibility of preparing the technical aptitude exam (E.A.T.) on site.

Presentation of the dance academy