Dance study

This program provides students with professional technical and artistic training in parallel with their studies. It enables students to improve their technical knowledge of dance and to confidently envisage a job in the profession.

This cycle is intended for middle and high school students from the 6th grade to the 12th grade.

This training program allows the future dancer to develop his or her artistic identity and to acquire a solid technique that will facilitate his or her professional integration. The exceptional conditions offered by the ACM (classes of 15 students maximum, classes and training in the morning, individual support, a panel of different professionals: ballet master, choreographers, dancers…) mean the students reach a level of autonomy and maturity that enables them to gradually go beyond the bounds of the school environment and work towards building a solid project.

This program prepares the students, for, among other things:

  • national and international classical and contemporary competitions
  • application for major international schools (Paris Opera, Royal Ballet – London , La Scala – Milan, John Crancko – Stuttgart etc…)
  • application for the academy’s cursus C for dancers
  • application for the D.E. (Dance Teacher’s State Diploma) and the E.A.T. (Technical Aptitude Examination).

Students in this program can be day students or boarders.

Based on the non-exhaustive list below, the ACM defines teaching content to best serve the student’s project:

Average number of hours per week of artistic tuition (excluding schooling).

    Classical dance, pointe, pas de deux, repertoire15 and 18 hours
    Contemporary dance3 and 6.30 hours
    Character dance1.30 hours
    Physical preparation +PBT2.30 to 5 hours
    Theory lessons1 and 2 hours
    Weekly dance practice is 25 hours. 

    The students on this course are taught on the academy’s premises by CAP’A DOM with the support of the CNED. 
    A good academic level is essential.

    The close partnership with CAP’ADOM and the CNED allows students to balance their studies (all series) with their professional, technical and artistic dance development. CAP’A DOM specializes in home schooling in Toulouse and has more than ten years of experience in teaching

    Educational support:
    Association INTERSCOL
    35, avenue de la Marqueille, Bât. B, RDC
    31650 St Orens de Gameville –